How to set up your Visual Studio project to build for x86 Hardware platform (KB1025)

LNS applications needs to be build as a 32-bit application so you need to change the target CPU from "Any CPU" to "x86".

To do so in Express Edition of Visual Studio: 

  1. Click TOOLS > OPTIONS menu, then go to  PROJECTS AND SOLUTIONS. If you don't see "PROJECTS AND SOLUTIONS", make sure to check "Show all settings" checkbox. 
  2. Check the box "Show advanced build configurations" and click OK
  3. Click TOOLS > SETTINGS > check EXPERT SETTINGS to see the build configuration manager (This is only applicable to Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition and NOT for 2008 Express Edition) 
  4. Click BUILD > CONFIGURATION MANAGER select the platform dropdown to X86 and click CLOSE. If you don't have x86 as an available option in the drop down list, select "<New...>", then for "Type or select the new platform" to choose "x86" and "Copy settings from" as "<Empty>".  With this, you can create x86 as a platform option to choose.  
  5. Now rebuild the project. 
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