Which products require device credits? (KB976)

The following products require credits to commission devices with the exception of routers and LNS network service devices:

  • LonMaker 3.1 Integration Tool
  • LonMaker Turbo Integration Tool
  • LNS 3.0 Server
  • LNS Turbo Server

Starting with LonMaker Turbo SR4/SP4 and LNS Turbo SP7, credits are no longer required to commission devices based on the Echelon FT 5000, Neuron 5000 , FT 6000 or Neuron 6000 chips.  Credits are still required for devices based on other processors.

The OpenLNS Commissioning Tool and OpenLNS Server never require or use device credits.  The OpenLNS products are separate products from the LNS and LonMaker products, covered by a different license.  They are compatible with the LonMaker and LNS Server products, so you can eliminate the use of credits entirely by licensing and installing the appropriate OpenLNS product over your LonMaker or LNS Server installation.

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