What are device credits? (KB977)

Device credits are used or returned when you commission or de-commission a device with the LonMaker Integration Tool or any other tool that incorporates an LNS Server.  The LNS Server is used by the LonMaker tool and many other LNS based tools and applications.

You use a device credit when you commission a device.  You get back a device credit when you de-commission a device (up to the total number of credits you have purchased for the computer running the LNS Server).

You must use the appropriate LonMaker or LNS License Wizard to activate a license or buy additional credits.  There are two types of device credits—LonMaker Credits and LNS Device Credits.  LonMaker Credits are required whenever the LonMaker tool is used with a network.  LNS Device Credits are used in networks without the LonMaker tool.

It is common for network integrators to create a network database and commission devices on a laptop computer and then move the network database to another on-site computer.  In this case the credits are used from the notebook and you don’t need to use any additional ones on the on-site computer unless you add new devices.

Re-commissioning a device does not use additional credits.

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