How to determine IzoT Router IP Address (KB1051)

The IzoT Router defaults to using dynamic IP Address (DHCP).  

If you connect a new the IzoT Router to an IP network without a DHCP server than the IzoT Router will have an invalid IP address ( and the IzoT Router will not send a service pin message when you press the connect button on the Router.

The following methods can be used to determine the IzoT Router IP address.

Determining the IzoT Router IP Address: (choose one)

  1. Use NodeUtil 3.23+ with a LonTalk/IP network interface. 
    - Requires UDP port 2541 to be open on your PC firewall.
    - Create LontTalk/IP Network using "All Programs > Echelon IzoT Network Services Utilites > IzoT Network Services LonTalk-IP interfaces". Don't use "loopback" interface.
    - Start NodeUtil using the LonTalk/IP interface (e.g., "myip")
          NodeUtil -dmyip
    - Press the Connect button on the IzoT Router
         Received an ID message from device 1
    - Type G to go to the device and type 1 or press the Enter key.
    - press ! or S to see the IzoT Router IP address
  2. Connect an USB Wi-Fi device to the IzoT Router.  Connect your PC or Smart Phone Wi-Fi to the USB Wi-Fi network.  Go to in your Web Browser which should take you to the the IzoT Router home Web page.
  3. Look for the IzoT Router in the IP Router assigned IP Address list.
  4. Use Wireshark to look for traffic on UDP port 2541.
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