Creating a data logger on the smart server with more than 2,500 data points fails (KB1053)

The recommended maximum number of dynamically created data points on a smart server is 3000. However Echelon does not stipulated a maximum number of data points that a logger should be able to log, only the log size should be less than 1Mb in size.

Creating a logger that references over 2,500 data points in the web page or via SOAP will fail. The web page will appear to hang after a couple of minutes when adding more than about 2,500 points even if this is done in stages. Refreshing the web page and pointing your browser back to the general configuration web page will show an error saying that the logger configuration is invalid type LT_Null. The static data points assigned to the logger to clear the logger and indicate the log size will be missing from the web page.

Can I create such a logger with more than 2,500 points?

Answer: Yes you can as long as you go to the Global Settings menu item and change the SOAP timeout to more than the default of 120 seconds. A value of 500 seconds will be sufficient to create a logger that logs up to 3,000 points.

The reason for the error is the time it takes to write 3,000 points to memory and for the smart server to respond which is longer than the SOAP time out of 120 seconds.


You may create any type, Historical, Circular and format binary, CSV or compressed CSV.

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