LNS License show a demo, timing out, or timed out unexpectedly due to Virtualstore. (KB985)

Problem: LNS Server shows that you are demo mode, deficit credit timeout or your license has timed out even though the Echelon License Utility or "checklic lonmaker.vsl" shows a good activated license with credits.


If you install LNS without using an Administrator login with enough privileges, Windows will put some LonMaker/LNS licensing into two or more places thus causing a mismatch in licensing information.  That is, instead of one license file in "C:\Windows\LNS Licenses" as expected, you will see an additional LNS Licenses or licnese files in a VirtualStore directory.  This is why LonMaker shows one thing and the license checking tools show another.

Having an Administrator password doesn't necessarily give you full Admin rights. Admins logins can be restricted to a subset of all Admin rights. Additionally,  if you right-click the installer and select "Run as Administrator" you will providing additional admin rights not provided by default to your admin account.


The LonMaker and LNS License files should be in

"C:\Windows\LNS Licenses"



1. Check if you have the following directory. If so delete it and reboot PC.

C:\Users\Production\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\LNS Licenses

2. Check if you have any LonMaker or LNS License files in the following directory.  If so delete them and reboot your PC.  Delete any lonmaker.* or nsseng.* files.


3. See if you have "Windows\LNS Licenses" somewhere else on your PC.

If so delete them and reboot your PC.

4. See if the the license files are somewhere else on your hard drive
DOS Commands:

cd c:\
dir nsseng.* /s /ah
dir nsseng.* /s 

if you see any of the following files in a different directory then "c:\Windows\LNS Licenses" then delete them. Don't delete files in "c:\Windows\LNS Licenses".


4. Uninstall LNS using the Control Panel "Programs and Files".  Re-install LNS by right-clicking the installer and selecting "Run As Administrator"

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