What is the latest LNS Server type (LNS, OpenLNS, IzoT Net Server)? (KB990)

IzoT Net Server is the latest LNS Server

LNS Server (3.08) > LNS Turbo Server (3.27) > OpenLNS Server> IzoT Net Server


Additional Information:  In general. new features and bug fixes, and Windows OS support are only made to the latest Server versions. 

Order from latest to oldest (#1 is the latest as of 8/28/15, #4 the oldest)

1. IzoT Net Server

    a. Does NOT use Device credits, you need to purchase annual service agreements (1st year included).


2. OpenLNS Server -  Does NOT use Device credits, annual service agreements (1st year included). 

   a. We recommend that you update your OpenLNS Server to IzoT Net Server to fix a OpenLNS Database validation tool bug.  In general, upgrades require you to have the annual service agreement already in place.  This is a free update as this is considered a critical fix. 

IzoT Net Server (4.02.028)


3. LNS Turbo Server (3.27) - Uses Device credits.

4. LNS Server (3.08) - Uses Device credits.

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