Can I transfer a subset of my LNS Server credits from one computer to another? (KB992)

No, you can’t transfer a subset of the LNS credits on one computer to another computer.  Existing credits on the new computer are deleted before adding the credits from the old computer. 

You can’t transfer your LNS credits to LonMaker credits or vice versa, as LNS credits is not the same thing as LonMaker credits.

When you transfer your credits from computer to another, you are transferring the license and all the unused credits from the old to the new computer.   All credits on the new computer before the file transfer are deleted (basically lost) and replaced with the old computer unused credits.   After the license/credit transfer the license on the old computer is deactivated and you will no longer be able to use LNS on that computer.  

If you still want to use the old PC for monitoring you can use the LNS License Wizard to request 1 replacement credit (send "Copy to Clipboard" form to The single device credit allows you to use the LNS Server but you won't be able to commission/decommission devices.

Before doing a License transfer:

Make a copy of the current license status on both computers before doing the license transfer. Run the following DOS command "checklic lonmaker.vsl" and mad a screens shot.

To enter a DOS prompt,  press keyboard Window key + R, or go to the Windows Start > Run and type "cmd" for Win XP and Win 2000, or "command" for Win 98 and then press the OK button.  

To create a screen snap shot of a PC window, select the window with your mouse, press ALT-PrtScrn to copy the screen to the Windows clipboard, open a MS Word document or email and press CTL-V to paste.

Make sure you use the LNS License transfer Utility to transfer the license.

For example: 

if you are  transferring a license and credits from PC#1 (old) to PC#2 (new):

Before License Transfer:

PC#1 (45 unused credits, valid license) and PC#2 (60 unused credits, valid license)

 After License Transfer:

PC#1 (de-activated, no longer usable) and PC#2 (45 unused credits, valid license)

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