How to use SmartServer Programming Tools (FPM) on a Windows 64-bit OS. (KB1056)

SmartServer Programming Tools (4.03.123) will not run properly on 64-bit Windows OS if you install the software with the default path. 

If you don't change the default folder you will get a compiler Error 258 as the compiler can't handle any spaces in path names [e.g., the spaces in "Program Files (x86)"].

The workaround is provided below.  

If you already installed the Programming Tools then use the Windows Control "Panel Program and Files" to uninstall the SmartServer Programming Tools, next use the workaround below.


Start the SmartServer Programming Tools installer. When the installer shows the Destination Folder dialog click the Change... button. Change the default path, remove "program files (x86)" from the path so that the software gets installed in



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