I am trying to declare aliases for use by a smartserver FPM but I receive an NCC #454 error message when the project is compiled. What does this mean? (KB1060)

Aliases are a neuron C construct but specific to a neuron chip.

As per the Neuron C Reference Guide the directive #pragma aliases xxx  (or legacy #pragma num_alias_table_entries xxx) is not supported in Model Files.

Model files are neuron C text documents that help to define a devices logical interface

This is slightly confusing as a Shortstack device interface can be created by defining a Model file and a Shortstack deivce does support the use of alias as the aliases are automatically created in the alias tables on the neuron chip if network variables are declared in the Model File

However if you try to declare aliases in an FPM model file you will see the NCC Error #454. If you look at the Neuron Tools Errors Guide:

The construct is not acceptable in the current mode of operation code [NCC#454]
Certain Neuron C features are not permitted in a program that is used as a model file for host development with ShortStack, FTXL, or the i.LON
SmartServer. For example, the compiler directive #pragma num_alias_table_entries is not permitted.


An FPM created in an OpenLNS CT or LonMaker drawing will appear to have no alias entries but the ilon smart server itself will


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