OpenLNS installation: Error 1920 FastObjects Server failed to start (KB1073)

When installing OpenLNS, the error "Error 1920 . Service FastObjects Server 11.0 failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services." might occur.

If that is the case, try running the installation program as an Administrator. For this, right-click the .exe and select Run as Administrator. Please note this is not the same as being logged in as Administrator and gives elevated privileges even for as Administrator.

 If that does not help, please make sure the FastObjectServer Service is not running when you start the setup. If the setup still fails, check the Windows Event viewer-Windows Logs-Application if there are any events logged for FastObjects. If there is a problem starting the service, it should display an error such as “Could not listen on _fastobjects/tcp: The address specified is already in use or another server already running. (-2532)”. This is the most common error.

 If so, open a command prompt as Administrator (type "cmd" in your search box, then right-click and select Run as Administrator) and type: netstat -ab >ports.txt

This will create a ports.txt file in your current location. Search the file for 6001 and 6002. If any is found, you should change the ports used by OpenLNS. See KB1072 for instructions.





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