Neuron device statistics show large number of transmission errors (KB1047)

The number of transmission errors shows the number of CRC errors detected during packet reception. It may be due to collisions or noise on the transceiver input. It could also be that there is a problem with this specific device and not the others.


  1. Clear the statistics on the devices on the same channel, let it run for a little while and then check again the statistics of several devices on the same channel.
  2. Use a LonWorks protocol analyser to check the number of CRC errors. It is a rule of thumb that up to 4% of errors on the channel is acceptable.

If there is noise on the network, it can be due to cabling problem, incorrect termination, differential noise or common mode noise.

Cabling problems can include wrong cable types, cable too long, too many devices, incorrect topology.

Differential noise can be generated by poor cable type, misbehaving devices, proximity to noise sources, parallel run with other cabling

Common Mode noise may be generated for example by proximity to RF transmitters, or parallel run with other cabling..

A badly designed Link Power supply could also be the source of noise on the network.




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