How to restore the LNS Global Database to its original empty state (KB1010)

If you have problem with your global database files - for example, the error ERROR opening LCA Global database Database error. (Subsystem: LNS, #25)[DB #-2262] is raised- you might need to restore the global database to its original state.

You may want to make a backup of your databases prior to restoring the Global database

To restore Global database:

1. Determine where the "lonworks" directory is located as it may be different for different operating systems or whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. Possible locations:

      c:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Lonworks



2. A backup empty copy is located in one of these directories


3. Remove the objects.idx and objects.dat files and the recovery folder from the Lonworks\ObjectServer\Globaldb directory. With OpenLNS, this might be located in the Users folder as in C:\Users\Public\Documents\LonWorks\ObjectServer

4. Copy the contents of the BackupDb folder into the GlobalDb folder.


This should restore a working empty global DB. You will then have to re-import the networks into the LNS global database. This can be done with your third party LNS application, LonMaker, or the LNS Object Browser.


In LonMaker, select the "Import..." button from the LonMaker Design Manager.

With the LNS Object Browser, use the Networks::Add method.  Set CreateFlag to False.






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