How to use the LNS Object Browser to add a network into LNS (KB1020)

Typically, adding or creating an LNS network will be done with your network management tool such as LonMaker. If you only have the LNS Server runtime installed, you can use the LNS Object Browser application instead.

The LNS Object Browser can be found in your LonWorks\bin folder (lnsobjectbrowser.exe) or from your Start Menu-Echelon IzoT Network Services Utilities-OpenLNS Object Browser.

To add a network:

  1. Start the LNS Object Browser
  2. Select "Local" with your network interface or "Engineered mode". Click OK. 
  3. Press F8 to allow modifications
  4. Double-Click ObjectServer then Networks
  5. Right-click Networks and select Add
  6. Enter the network name and the database path. 
  7. To create a new network, select CreateFlag=True
  8. To import an existing project, select CreateFlag= False
  9. Press OK

To check the network has been created successfully:

  1. Double-click the network name
  2. Double click Systems
  3. Double click the network name again
  4. You should see  System YourNetworkName: Ok in the trace log




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