Getting Started With LonWorks. (KB1026)

The following documents are useful for understanding the LonWorks Technology.  

1. Getting started

The Introduction to the LonWorks Platform Provides an overview on how a control network works.

Each LonWorks device type is made up of a unique Identifier call a Program ID. Each Program ID has a unique Device Interface File (XIF) that defines the Network Variables (NVs) and Configuration Files (CPs) that are used by the device as well as other device specific information that is needed to create a LonWorks network.

Manufacturers of LonWorks devices typically provide a XIF file for the device, any custom Resource Files and some times a device application image.  

In many cases the device interface can be created by reading directly from the device instead of using an XIF file from the manufacturer.  This is not recommended as not all the information in the XIF is provided by the device and this may lead to eventual LNS Database corruption.  We recommend getting the device interface information from a XIF file instead of uploading from a device.

A Resource File set defines the Functional Blocks (FB), NVs and CPs data types and formats used by the device.

2. Online SNVT/SCPT Guide

Specifies the standard NV type (SNVTs) and CPs  types (SCPTs) that are used by LonWorks Devices.  You can create custom NV types (UNVTs) and CP types (UCPTs) that you your device uses.  Standard SNVT/SCPT Resources Files are provided by Custom UNVT/UCPT Resources Files are provided by the device manufacturer.

3. LonMark Resource Files - Standard SNVTs/SCPTs

The LonMark Resource Files are usually installed automatically by the Network Integration Tool installer.

4. LonWorks Cable Requirements - KB407

5. Developers

    a. LonMark Application-LayerInteroperability guidelines

    b. LonMark Layer 1-6 Interoperability Guidelines




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