Can I transfer a smartserver FPM or IP-852 router license to another smartserver? (KB1055)

The answer is no as both of these licenses have their license file locked to the MAC ID of the ethernet transceiver in the smart server. MAC IDs like Neuron IDs are specific to the ethernet transceiver of a specific producer of the transceiver. If you decide not to use a particular smart server you cannot copy the license files to another one. The License will not be valid.

However if the smart server fails for any reason whether it is in warranty or not, you may request a replacement licenses (if purchased in the first place) providing that the smart server is shipped back to Echelon for disposal and verification and an original proof of purchase can be supplied.

If the smart server was out of warranty the user must purchase a new device and if the licenses were purchased separately the licenses will be replaced.

If the smart server was in warranty the model that was originally purchased will be replaced. If the smart server was not a version that came with licenses but these were subsequently purchased, the licenses can be replaced.


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