How to Read the SmartServer Current Time in a FPM? (KB1069)

There are several ways to access the SmartServer Real Time Clock from a (Free Programmable Module) FPM.


The SmartServer Real Time Clock can be accessed by adding "#include <time.h>" in your FPM and use the C library time function to get the current time. 


#include <time.h>

time_t now;     
now = time(NULL);
printf("\nCurrent time is %s", ctime(&now));



The SmartServer i.LON App (Internal) Real-time Clock Functional Block (FB) nvoRtTimeDate NV provides the current SmartServer time.  nvoRtTimeDate (default: updated every 10 seconds) is updated at a rate specified by the nciRtUpdateRate CP.  This means the nvoRtTimeDate time by default can drift by up to 10 seconds so using the time.h function provides more accurate values.

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