Can't commission device NS, #4031 warning followed by NS, #86, bypass. (KB1076)

The NS, #4031 means the database updates were successful, but one or more nodes were not updated because the node(s) rejected the update, for example due to an authentication failure. This usually means that there is a configuration mismatch between the node and the LNS's database.

The NS, #86 error means the node was in the wrong state for the attempted operation. To resolve this error, try setting the node State to online using CT or NodeUtil



You can do this in CT by right clicking the device and select Manage. Next click the Online button.  If you still see the same problem then use the NodeUtil instructions below.

NodeUtil (2.21+): make sure you only use 2.21 or greater

In NodeUtil, add the device or press the device service pin button.  (G)o to the Device and get its (s)tatus. Try changing the device state by to online by using the (M)ode command and typeing N for Online. Check the (s)tatus again to see if it worked.  

If the (s)tatus shows a device state that includes the word "bypass" then you should try rebooting the device with NodeUtil.  Get out  of the status function (press the enter key).  Go back to the main NodeUtil menu, press (e)xit.  In the main menu press (r)eboot and use the NodeUtil assigned device # for device Id . You can now go back to the device and do a status and the device should no longer have the "bypass" device state.  Go back to CT or your LNS App and re-commission the device.

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