When debugging code in a neuron5000 or neuron 31xx device using the Nodebuilder Debugger I receive a DS, #415 Error message. (KB1082)

The exact sympton of the error is:

Error application message request failed failed, Subsystem:dataserver, #415

Followed by: failed to read device memory DBG #69.

This error is caused by the device running custom self installation code that updates Domain table index 0

The domain table consists of two entries by default and the code being debugged updates the first entry which is specified by index of 0 when the neuron C codes calls access_domain() and update_domain() functions. Since LonMaker (and NodeBuilder) uses this first entry of index 0 in domain table, you should not modify this. What you should modify is the second entry of the domain table with index 1.


  1. Clone domain


In the application for self-installation, update_clone_domain() should be used instead of update_domain() since it is not necessary to assign unique subnet and node IDs to each node. It will allow the node to receive messages from another node with the same subnet and node ID, but it will prevent the node from receiving any message addressed with subnet/node addressing mode in that doma. If update_clone_domain() is used, the node can only receive messages addressed with Neuron ID, group unacknowledged or broadcast addressing modes.


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