IzoT Router Power Consumption (KB1093)

1) How much is power consumption of IzoT Router ?
According to data sheet, Operating Input Current is 1.2A max. How much are maximum power consumption and rated power consumption? Is maximum consumption 1.2A*12VDC?
The maximum current from the Izot router can be 1.75A  given worst case conditions. This current includes the maximum rated power being pulled from both USB ports. Under nominal operating  conditions, the  Izot Router maximum current is more like 1.3A. So the power, ignoring the inefficiencies of any DC-DC converters,  is 1.3A * 12VDC
2) How many IzoT Router can be  run by bundled DC power supply?
Bundled DC power supply is 12VDC, 1.6A, 19.2W MAX. In my experience the supply could drive at least two IzoT router and one 6000EVB 
An Izot Router with no load draws about 300mA. To determine the number of Izot Routers a bundled power supply can run, you will need to add the USB load current to this number and verify it against your DC supply maximum rating.
3) How much is 6000EVB power consumption?
The 6000EVB draws about 200mA. To determine the actual power consumption you will need to add any application current  being drawn through the I/O header to this number
4) What is the connector type/specification of bundled DC power supply and IzoT Router power input?
e.g.EIAJ-04, IEC 60130-10 Type-A etc
This is a Kycon KLDX-020-x Thru hole DC power Jack.

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