How to Manually Download and Read the LumeStar Device Schedule (KB1094)

1. LumeStar downloads the devices' schedules at 3 AM each day.  

a. We recommend that LumeStar be running 24/7
b.  That is, make sure the PC power setting leaves the PC up and running so LumeStar can run during the night.

2. Manually read the Lighting device schedule and date/time.

a. Right-click the device and select "Diagnostic > Send Message".  
b. Next select "04 - Request Event Table" and click the "Send Message" button.  
c. You will then get a popup with the device's programmed schedule.
d. Next select "05 - Request Date/Time" and click the "Send Message" button.  
e. You will then get a popup with the device's time.
f.  If the Date/time or event schedule is off try manually setting it, see item 4 below.

3. The Device's Lighting Schedule is automatically downloaded to the device

a. Commissioning the device.
b. When you start the LumeStar software.

4. To manually download the Lighting schedule to a device: choose one of the three methods below

a. Manually download Lighting schedule to all devices (may not be available in all LumeStar versions).
- Click the "Diagnostic" Menu
- Click "Update Astronomical Times in All Devices".  This will update all devices with their specific schedule.
b. Manually download Lighting schedule to a group of devices.
- Right-click the Schedule in the Schedule pane and select "Enter/Modify Events".
- Click the "Update Events for this Profile" button.  This will update all devices/groups with this schedule.
Note: There is no function to download the schedule into a single device.
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