How to replace a TOP900 or EMB900 in a LumInsight DT network (KB1107)

Replacing a TOP900/EMB900:
Part of replacing a TOP900 or EMB900 device is to verify that the issue is not a pole issue. As you replace the device you need to do a visual inspection on the Pole fixture and make sure the fixture is powered and wired properly.
To replace a device in LumInsight DT (LDT), you will go to the treeview device node for the problem pole; record the current device settings, decommission the bad device, reset the device ID, commission using the new device Device ID, and then re-configure the device settings.  
Device Replacement Instructions:
1. Inspect the fixture

  • See if this is a fixture issue and not TOP900/EMB900 device issue.

2. Remove BAD device
3. Write the Fixture/Pole ID on the top of the box containing the NEW device
4. Install NEW device on fixture
5. Place the BAD device in the NEW device’s box 
6. Save configuration information for the bad device in LumInsight DT
a. In the Luminsight Software, locate the Fixture ID of the BAD device in the tree
b. Record the device’s current configuration (expand device node in LDT):

  • Motion Settings
  • Operation Parameters (Repeating)
  • Any other setting that is used.

7. Commission the new device

a. Right-click on the device, select “Manage > Decommission Device”, click Yes, and then click OK
b. Right click on the device again, select “Manage > Reset Commissioning ID”, click OK
c. Right click on the device, select “Manage > Commission Device On The Air
  • Enter the NEW devices Device ID(from the barcode on the box) in the Device ID field
  • Click either Commission Now or Save for future commissioning
Note: If more than one device is being replaced it is quicker to choose “Save for future commissioning”
  • Once all the NEW devices have been prepared for commissioning
Right-click on the network containing the devices, and select “Manage > Commission Devices”.

8. Verify fixture is now working.

a. Use Override Control to turn light on
b. Read Power Voltage /Current/Power/ Power Factor
c. Cancel Override Control
d. Read Power Voltage /Current/Power/ Power Factor

9. If light is working.

a. Re-add any Motion or Repeating settings to this device.
  • Add Motion settings "Parameter Settings > Set Motion Parameters"
  • Add Operation parameter (repeating)"Parameter Settings > Set Motion Parameters"
  • Add any other changes
  • If Schedule has "Enable Current Measurement" enabled then run "Parameter Settings > Set Diagnostic Current Threshold".
​ b. You’re done.

10. If light still doesn't work as expected then the problem is probably related to the fixture.

a. Check fixture power
b. Consider taking a working device from an adjacent pole and move that device over temporary to the problem pole.
  • If the working device stops working on the problem pole then there is a fixture issue on the problem pole.
    • Determine what is wrong with this fixture. 
  • Move the working device back to the original pole.
c. If the problem is the fixture then use the same new device for another problem pole.
  • If possible use a single new device to test all the problem poles and send back any unopened boxes back to Echelon.
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