TOP900 Not Following Schedule in a LumInsight DT Lighting Network (KB1328)

TOP900 Not following schedule
Check the following:
1. Check the group schedule to make sure it is set correctly
2. Read Voltage / Current / Power / Power Factor
  a. If ON during day light then go to next step.
  b. If OFF, this doesn’t mean it is working properly so you may still want to check the following
      i. Timestamp.
      ii. Event Table
      iii. Data Log
  c. If no response, try two more times. 
      - If all three read attempts check RF communication using KB
3. Diagnostic > Send Message > 05 – Request Date/Time
  a. check time with PC Time
      - wait 2 sec
      - repeat Request 2-3 more times making sure time changes each time
       Note: LDT sends time update every 10 minutes so a single time change may be to this update.
  b. If times changes go to step 4.
  c. If time doesn’t change then the real-time clock may have failed.
      - Download data log and see if data log is current. Data log isn’t updated when RTC fails.
      - If data log isn’t up to date then RMA device
4. Diagnostic > Send Message > 04 – Request Event Table
  a. If it matches Group Schedule then it should be following schedule
  b. If schedule doesn’t match Try re-downloading the message
     - If still doesn’t match consider decommission and re-commission device
5. Diagnostic > Send Message > 07 – Request I/O Status
  a. General information
      i. 0-10V: 0 off, 10V max value
      ii. Output: 0-255, 0=off, 255 full on, 1-254 dim
      iii. 255=10V, 127=5V, 0=0V=off
  b. If doesn’t match schedule go to Command override and select go back to schedule
  c. Do several command overrides (On, Dim value, off)
     - if light dims but doesn’t go off this may be a stuck relay. 
        If the following is true then RMA as stuck relay:
          - If command override is off (set to 0V)
          - Diagnostic > send Message (I/O status), IO status shows 0-10 = 0
          - If power level looks like 10%
6. Diagnostic > Send Message > 39 – request Voltage, Current from meter chip
  a. Does it match the Group Schedule or last command override?
7. Diagnostic > Send Message > 03 - Read device ID
  a. Does it match the Cust ID, Network ID and Group ID?
     - If doesn’t match re-commission device
8. If using Photocell
   a. Send Message > 07 – Request Photocell Level
   b. Send Message > 0C – Request Dawn/Off, Dusk/On Light Levels
     - Default: Dawn off level = 72, Dusk On level = 47
9.  Site node > Time zone
10. PC Time clock
11. Down load Device Data Log
    – events must be on for 1.5 minutes to be recorded in data log (e.g., staying on due to photocell level)

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