TOP900 No RF Communication but device seems to be Following Schedule in LumInsight DT Lighting Network (KB1329)

This KB article only applies to a LumInsight Desktop (DT) Lighting network.
If the lights appear to be on during the night and off during the day as expected, but there is no RF communication during the day, this usually indicates that the fixture power is on a timer.  Even on several sites which were not supposed to be on a timer, we have found someone changed the wiring so that power to the pole is no longer running 24/7 as expected.
1. View the Data log for this device.
   - If no data log or data log date is old, then enable automatic Data logs and go to the next step
   - Check for red lines indicating power outages.
        - If you see periodic red lines this indicates the light is on a timer.
- This is why you can’t communicate to the device during the day.
- Stop, you are finished with the KB.
2. Download and check the data logs of nearby devices
3. Visually check light by turning the lights power off and on at the breaker while someone is watching
   - Light should come on for a couple of seconds and go OFF (if scheduled to be OFF)
   - Try doing a Range Test again. 
      - If it now works then the power to the poll is probably on a timer or not running 24/7.
4. During the night while the lights are ON, try running a RF Range Test.
5. The next day View the Data log for the problem device.
6. Have an electrician check the power of the pole during the day.

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