HowTo: Remove Devices in the Discovered Subystems (KB1336)

The Discovered.Uninstalled subsystem contains unconfigured devices that have been automatically discovered on the network.
The Discovered.Installed contains all other devices that were not explicitly added to a subsystem by an LNS client
These subsystems are read-only.  Devices in the Discovered subsystems are valid but if you wish to remove devices, follow these instructions.
If you are new to the LNS Object Browser, see OpenLNS Object Browser QuickStart (KB1333) for instructions on how to use it

  1. Using the LNS Object Browser, open the network and system and browse to the Subsystems collection.

  2. Double-click Discovered and then Subsystems to show the Installed and Uninstalled subsystems

  3. Press F8 to allow modifications

  4. Open the Appdevices collection in each of the Discovered subsystem. If you opened the network with a network interface, this is sometimes enough to clear the devices from the list.

  5. If there are devices listed,and you want to remove them,  you need to add a reference to the device in a user subsystem

    1. Browse the Subsystems collection and select one of the subsystems you created.

    2. Right-click the subsystem and select AddReference

    3. Drag and drop the device from the Discovered subsystem into the text box. Click ok.

  6. At this point, the device will disappear from the Discovered subsystem and will be listed in your user subsystem.

  7. Right-click the user subsystem and select Remove.

  8. Drag and drop the device into the text box and click OK.

  9. The device should now be removed completely

If the method above does not work, there might be a corruption in the database. Run the Database validation tool and if problems persist, open a support case so our team can look into it for you.

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