How should I configure my firewall to allow my LumInsight Gateways and Base Stations to communicate? (KB1337)

Regular Operation
The Base Station/Gateway only uses outbound ports to the internet for regular operation, no inbound ports needed. The LumInsight 2 Cloud CMS  address and the network time server need to be accessible.  
Port  Inbound/Outbound
8883  Outbound to the Internet (Communication to CMS)
123  Outbound to the Internet (NTP)
Troubleshooting & Maintenance
The ports that are needed for occasional troubleshooting and maintenance are listed below. These ports need to be accessible on the Base Station/Gateway via the your internal network. 
Port  Inbound/Outbound
22 Inbound (Diagnostics and Maintenance)
80 Inbound  (Diagnostics and Maintenance)
443 Inbound  (Diagnostics and Maintenance)
1800 Inbound (Diagnostics)
1883 Inbound (Diagnostics)
5000 Inbound (Diagnostics)
5001 Inbound (Diagnostics)
48879 Inbound (Diagnostics)
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