NS #60 when trying to modify router buffer configuration (KB1359)

When trying to change router buffer configuration in LonMaker or Izot CT, the error "The program interface does not support the requested action,  NS #60" will be raised.
Unfortunately, this feature  is not supported by Izot CT because Izot Net Server requires the available RAM before it will allow changing the buffer configuration. This requires the router to be created with an XIF file which is not possible with Izot CT.

The best way to modify the buffer configuration of a router is to use NodeUtil. NodeUtil is available for download here


The allowable values for buffer configuration are listed in the Neuron C Programmer’s guide page 196.
You should keep within the original memory defined as you might permanently damage the router otherwise. It is also recommended to have a mininum of 2 buffers of each type. If you are not using priority in the network, the recommendation is to remove the priority buffers to get additional memory. 

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