How to use custom directory for Silent Install of IzoT Net Server (KB1089)

Each windows Operating System has a different location, a different windows “LonWorks Path” registry key/value pair. This information has not been tested recently by our system test team, but we believe should be able to do what you want.

1. Determine “LonWorks Path” Install Path:

    For every Operating System you wish to install into

a) Into a test machine or VM, you must install any Echelon Product (shortstack, openldv, openlns, lmw, nbre/lmrf, ftxl, ilon EES, whatever).

b) Search the windows registry for “LonWorks Path”.

Openldv is the best, as it is free.

c) This is the key/value they need for their own installation for that OS.

e.g. on windows 7 64bit



"LonWorks Path"="C:\program files (x86)\LonWorks"

e.g. on windows 7 32bit



"LonWorks Path"="C:\program files\LonWorks"

2. Silent Install a. Create Windows registry entry for “LonWorks Path”. b. run silent installation on Echelon products.

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