Does a replacing a device in LumeStar get all the old device configuration? (KB1097)

You can replace an existing device in LumInsight DT (formally called LumeStar), but LumeStar doesn't have a built-in feature for replacing the device (e.g., TOP900TLX).  This means that it takes a number of steps to replace a device. The following steps will help you to replace a device, makes sure to read all instructions before starting.  

Device Replacement Instructions:  for a single device
1. Click the device to be replaced and write down the Device name, location and old device Device ID.
2. Right-click the device and select "Manage Device > Decommission Device"
3. Right-click the device and select "Manage Device >  Reset Commissioned ID"
4.  Right-click the device and select "Manage Device >  Commission Device On the Air", type in the new Device ID and then click "Save for Future Commissioning" button.
5. Replace the device at the site.
6. Right-click the device and select "Manage Device >  Commission Device On the Air", and then click "Commission Device Now" button.
7. After the device has been commissioned, you will need change the device Parameter settings so the new device is configured the same as other devices in the group.  There are 7 device parameters that you may need to change based on how your lighting network is configured.

Device Parameters include: "Set Motion Parameters", "Set Motion RF Level", "Set 0-10 High Output Level, etc

          For example:

  • To change the Motion Parameters, right-click the device "Parameters Settings > Set Motion Parameters"
  • To make the device a repeater, right-click the device "Parameters Settings > Set Operational Parameters" and check the "Repeat Messages" checkbox

Device Replacement Instructions:  for multiple devices
1. perform steps 1-4 in the single device instructions for all devices to be replaced.
2. Replace all the devices at the site
3. Commissioning individual devices or right click the Network or Group to commission multiple devices at a time.
4. Change the Device Parameters for the individual device or group.

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