The IzoT Commission Tool (CT) / OpenLNS CT activation stopped working (PC or VM) (KB1100)

If your IzoT Commission Tool (CT) or OpenLNS CT licenses were activated and stopped working, it is possible that a recent Windows update may have affected the licenses.  Additionally if you are using a Virtual Machines (VM) for your software environment then cloning a copy of the VM will cause the license to be invalidated as the VM hardware configuration is no longer the same.  To reuse this license you will need to re-activated the license using one of the two methods below.

Note, for each PC you must a CT and IzoT Net Server (also known as OpenLNS Server) licenses on the PC.

Choose one of the following:

1. Recover license on new PC: this is a two step process

a. On the new PC, use the Echelon License Wizard, Step 1 click the yellow "Show Advanced tasks", select "Recover license lost on an inaccessible computer" and click next. Make sure you do a recovery for both the CT and OpenLNS Server licenses. Recovery causes the licenses to be in the returned state (that is, the license is not currently activated on any PC).

Caution: When you do a License Recovery, the old PC licenses are automatically deactivated so make sure you use the correct Activation Key or license keys.

b. Once you recover the licenses you will need to activate the licenses on the new PC.

Note: there is a limited number of recoveries that you can do with each Activation Key.

2. Ask Echelon to return your license then activate on new PC. 

Tell us Activation Key and the old PC "Computer Name" so that we can return the correct licenses for you.  You must either specify the PC "Computer Name" or say "return both".  Once we return the license then you can try to activate it again on the new PC


Background Information:

Each Commissioning Tool (CT) Activation key provides two complete license sets (each set is made up of one CT license and one OpenLNS Server license) which allow a single individual to have CT on a desktops PC and a notebook.  For CT to run you need to activate the license for both CT and the IzoT Net/OpenLNS Server on that PC.

When you activate the license the PC "Computer Name" is stored in the Echelon License Server.  The PC "Computer Name" is typically found when clicking the Control Panel "System" settings.   When you ask Echelon to return the license you will need to specify the PC "Computer Name" for the old PC or say "return both".

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