The OpenLNS CT activation License is not valid for this PC- HDLockFailed (Subsystem: NS, #302) (KB1321)

This error is seen when opening an OpenLNS Commissioning Tool (CT) network database if the license has been created on the machine but has then becomes invalid due to a change in the hardware characteristics of the PC.

If you then use the License to Validate the machine you will see that this fails with the following error message

Status = HdLockFailed Machine lock mis-match......  

Often this is preceded by "Bios" which indicates that the Bios has been updated so the digital signature of your machine has changed which in turn corrupts the OpenLNS license.

The same type of error can occur  (e.g., Status = HdLockFailed .... HardDisk) if a hard disk or removable drive (USB Flash drive) is added to the machine and the license signature then becomes locked to this drive rather than the original drive. In this case the error is Hard Disk Lock failed.  

If you are using a USB Flash drive then remove the flash drive and activate the OpenLNS CT and OpenLNS Server licenses.  You should then be able to plug in the flash drive later.  If you still have a problem send an email to to return the the license(s) then try reactivating the license with the USB flash drive unplugged.

If you are using a Virtual Machine (VM) then you need to re-open  the same VM instance that has the license activated.  If you open a copy of the VM with the license already activated then most likely the hardware information used for that license has changed and the license will become invalid with the this HdLockFailed error message.

1. Use the Echelon License Wizard to Recover a lost license on a machine (both CT and OpenLNS Server) and then re-license then try to activate the license again.
2. If #1 doesn't work then contact
    a. Send an email to with the Activation Key and request that the CT and OpenLNS Server license be returned.
    b. After returns the license, use the Echelon License Wizard to re-activate the license again.

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