Does SmartServer support 4G/LTE cellular modems - how to support new modems (KB1324)

Does the SmartServer support 4G/LTE Cellular?  If not, how to support new modems?
1. Yes, by using an IP Cellular modem.
The SmartServer itself has no internal support to connect to a 4G/LTE serial Cellular modem.  That is, the SmartServer Factory Web page Remote modems doesn't show 4G/LTE. 
We recommend using an IP Cellular Modem to support 4G/LTE or any other cellular technologies not supported directly by the SmartServer.
For example: The Digi TransPort WR11 XT has different models for world support
You could look at the current list of modem on the SmartServer and their command set and look for a 4G/LTE modem that looks similar and see if that works.

2. Add a new modem type

You could also look at adding a new modem type but this new configuration data may be lost after upgrading to a new SmartServer Service Pack (SP).  The modem information is in the following file


    add a new <Modem> entry with <UCPTmodemType>MT_GSM_EXT</UCPTmodemType>

If you upgrade the SmartServer using EES the configuration should keep the new modem type.  If you manually upgrade the SmartServer to a new SP (this is how most customers upgrade the SmartServer) then the new modem type will get removed.

To be on the safe side make sure you back up the SmartServer or at least the new modem type information before upgrading the SmartServer software.

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