How much bandwidth do Lumewave Gateways and Base Stations consume on the Ethernet port? (KB1332)

A question often arises as to how much bandwidth is consumed by a typical Gateway or Base Station across their Ethernet ports.  This figure is needed for planning as the traffic generated by these devices is additive to the customer's network.

The answer is: not very much. The Echelon system is designed to be frugal with data. As such, the controllers consume very little bandwidth. The average size of a controller's message is about 100 bytes.

Consider this example:

Number of controllers: 10,000
Controller message frequency: 15 minutes (configurable)
Bytes per message: 100

In this case, each node would consume 400 bytes over the course of an hour. 400 * 10,000 = 4,000,000 bytes or 32,000,000 bits. Divide this number by the 3,600 seconds in an hour and you arrive at a bandwidth consumption of less than 9Kbps for 10,000 controllers. 

How does this translate to the Gateway's or Base Station's transmission over the Ethernet port?

This is a bit trickier as the traffic generated by the gateway is highly dependent on configuration. For example, the LumInsight 2.0 Cloud CMS (CMS) can be configured to set off alarms under a variety of circumstances. When the gateway senses that an alarm threshold has been crossed, it will send the alarm to the CMS.  In addition to the alarm traffic, the gateway will forward light fixture energy consumption information and other controller data to the CMS on a regular basis. The gateway filters and consolidates this information as required by configuration and forwards what's left to the CMS. Bottom line, your mileage will vary.

So, we've established that the amount of traffic that the gateways place on the Ethernet is highly variable. However, for planning purposes, if we were to take a conservative approach, it would look like this.

Number of controllers: 10,000
Number of gateways: 5
Controller message frequency: 15 minutes (configurable)
Bytes per message: 500 (including alarms, energy use, controller data, etc.)

This would equate to about 45Kbps total for all gateways, which on a typical Ethernet is insignificant.

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