Moving an LNS Database to a new computer (KB1339)

When moving a network database, you should include the entire contents of the network database directory, including all subdirectories. See How to create a manual backup of an LNS or OpenLNS database (KB1021) for detailed instructions.


In addition to the database, the new system should also have any files from other directories that are referenced in the database such as:

*any download image files (.APB)
*external interface files (.XIF, .XFB and .XFO)
*LonMark resource files (.TYP,.FPT and .FMT extensions)
*any language resource files with extensions such as .ENG, .ENU, .FRA, etc)
*any user-defined resource files and source files (.NC, .C and .H extensions)

The above files are typically included in the LonWorks\Types and LonWorks\Import folders. If you have OpenLNS Commissioning Tool, the Backup Options conveniently allow you to include the Types and Import folders in the ZIP file.

It is also a good idea to reinstall plug-in software that applies to device types that are used within this network with your data.


If the new system has a newer version of the network operating system (LNS/OpenLNS/Izot Net Server), the database files will be upgraded upon opening. At this point, it won’t be possible to use the database on an older version of LNS. It is therefore imperative to create a backup of the project before the upgrade.

How to create a manual backup of an LNS or OpenLNS database (KB1021)

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