FT 6050 first time programming (KB1347)

In order to perform first-time programming over the network, you need to ensure that:
1.You program the bl6050v4.ndl using Nodeload or NodeUtil. See What are the different files used to load a Series 6000 chip (KB1004)? for more details about the different firmware files.
2.You included the 100K pull-down on the MISO line
3.You added the 49.9 ohm resistors from figure 61 from the Series 6000 databook
Note: the AT25SF081 memory has a longer “erase entire chip” time than the other memories qualified by Echelon. This might cause issues for first-time programming over the network. When using the AT25SF081, it is recommended to program the memory with a programmer for the first time. When the NVM has been programmed initially, the application image or a revised system image can be loaded over the network using NodeUtil, NodeLoad or any OpenLNS based tool such as IzoT Commissioning Tool.

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