All OpenLNS Commissioning Tool (OpenLNS CT) need to update to IzoT CT (KB1356)

All OpenLNS CT customers need to update their software to IzoT CT due to a bug with the OpenLNS Server OpenLNS Database Validation Tool.  This only applies if you are using OpenLNS Server 4.00.182.  If you are using IzoT Net Server 4.02+ you can ignore the rest of this KB article.
OpenLNS CT comes with OpenLNS Server.  Updating OpenLNS Server to IzoT Net Server makes OpenLNS CT into IzoT CT (even though the name may have not changed within the software) which means OpenLNS Server 4.02+ is called IzoT Net Server.

OpenLNS Server (IzoT Net Server) versions:

To check if you have IzoT CT, click the icon in the upper-left hand corner of the CT Design Manager (first dialog that comes up when you open CT) and select About Echelon IzoT CT.  If the OpenLNS version is 4.00.182 then you need to update OpenLNS Server.  If the OpenLNS version is 4.02+ then you already have upgraded CT to IzoT CT and ignore the remainder of this KB article except the warning at the end.


There is a bug in the OpenLNS Server OpenLNS Database validation tool that can corrupt large LNS databases and so all OpenLNS Server and all OpenLNS CT customers should update OpenLNS Server to IzoT Net Server.  The database validation tool in IzoT Net Server (it is stilled called OpenLNS Database Validation tool) fixes this corruption bug.
All OpenLNS CT customers can update OpenLNS Server to IzoT Net Server whether you have a current CT maintenance agreement or not.  When you purchase CT it comes with a one year maintenance agreement included, but you must buy maintenance agreements for subsequent years.  The maintenance agreement allows that PC to get service packs with bug fixes and enhancements.

Check the Start > All Programs >Echelon License Wizard > License Wizard to determine the status of the CT Maintenance agreement.
OpenLNS CT customers can do one of the following based on CT Maintenance agreement Status:  
1. If you have a current CT Maintenance Agreement.
  a. Get the latest CT service pack (4.12.16+)
   b. Get the latest IzoT Net Server Service Pack (4.12.016+)
Latest CT and IzoT Net Server Service Packs:
2. CT Maintenance agreement is expired.
  a.  New CT service packs are not available due to expired maintenance agreement
  b . Get free update IzoT Net Server (4.02.028) – It is free because the fix for the OpenLNS Database Validation tool
        - All other IzoT Net Server service packs are not available for expired maintenance agreements.
IzoT Net Server (4.02.028):
Warning: Once the annual maintenance agreement expires you will not be able to buy new maintenance agreements so the only way to get the latest IzoT CT and IzoT Net Server service packs is to buy the full product again.

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