SmartServer 2.2 SP7 and 2.2 SP8 Customer should use Visio Stencil i.LON 100 instead of SmartServer due to a bug (KB1358)

If you are using the SmartServer in standalone management mode then you can ignore the rest of the KB.

This KB is for IzoT CT and LonMaker  users who using SmartServer  2.2 SP7 or 2.2 SP8 and are adding new SmartServer (i.LON App) shapes into Visio drawing.  Make sure the SmartServer device shape you are using is V12.

Starting with 2.2 SP7 (4.11.007) and existing with 2.2 SP8 (4.12.006) the default SmartServer stencil was changed from XIF V12  to XIF V20 which can cause corruption in the database for any new SmartServer added to the drawing.  Devices that already exists should not be affected.  

For example, if you add a Web Server Functional Block (FB) and add a datapoint, the next time you run the database validation tool it will report that this Web Server datapoint is corrupted.   

There is no workaround after finding the corruption other than deleting all the SmartServers using this template, their FBs and connections.

You see the stencil XIF version number when you add an i.LON App (under Device Template) and can check it later by right-clicking the i.LON App, select Properties Tab and  then go to Attributes Tab look at the Template name.

Solution: Use the i.LON 100 Stencil and verify that you are using the V12 stencil.

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