Do I need to buy a U60 or U70 with the SmartServer IoT for TP/FT-10, TP/XF-1250 or Powerline Support? (KB1366)

Yes, you need to buy at least one U60 or U70 to support any of these channel types.

The SmartServer IoT doesn't come with any built-in FT-10 or power-line network interface.  The SmartServer is a multi-port router and you can use one or more U60s/U70 on each SmartServer.

You only need to purchase a U60/U70 if the SmartServer has to have a direct connection to one of the channels below.  That is, if you don't use any of the channel types then you don't need to purchase any U60/U70. 

For example, If you are only connecting a MODBUS device to a SmartServer then you don't need to buy any U60s/U70s for this SmartServer.

BACnet/FT devices are BACnet devices that also have a LON interface. If these devices are connected to a LON FT-10 channel then you need to purchase a U60.

Product for each channel type:

Channel Product
TP/FT-10 U60 FT
TP/XF-1250 U60 TP-1250
Powerline U70


1. Only one U60 TP-1250 can be used on each SmartServer IoT.
2. When mixing U60 and U70 types on a SmartServer you need to make sure the higher speed channel data that goes between channels doesn't overwhelm the lower speed channel. 

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