SmartServer IoT FAQ (KB1367)

SmartServer IoT Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.  Where do I find the SmartServer IoT videos and documentation?
  2. Where can I find the latest SmartServer software?
  3. Does the SmartServer IoT have a built-in FT or powerline interface?
    • No, the SmartServer IoT doesn't have a built-in FT-10, XF-1250 or Power line channel, you need to separately purchase a U60 or U70 for the SmartServer IoT to directly connect to one of these channels.
  4. One version of the SmartServer IoT (SmartServer IoT PRO EX) has two RS-485 ports.
    • WiFi is not currently supported.
  5. For Digital Inputs (DI), Digital Outputs (DO), relay control, metering, RS-232 or additional RS-485 support you can purchase one or more IOX devices (purchased separately). 
    • Only one Modbus channel can be used at a time (using one of the PRO EX two RS-485 or an IOX RS-485 ports).
  6. Can I create a golden image with SmartServer IoT to deploy the same image to multiple SmartServers IoT?
    • There are two methods to deploying a golden image to other SmartServers : exporting configuration or cloning
      • In both cases you will also have to copy custom files from the following directories
        • /var/apollo/data/apps       -- used for custom internal apps
        • /var/apollo/www               -- used for custom Web pages
        • /etc/supervisor/conf.d       -- *.conf files for custom Internal Device, Internal Apps, or Internal drivers 
    • Cloning: Use CMS storage Widget to Backup and restore using cloning
      • You also need to copy the custom files manually as described above
    • Exporting Configuration: The global Export exports all the configuration and then you can import some or all the files to one or more new SmartServers.  
      • You also need to copy the custom files manually as described above
    • When importing files into the SmartServer IoT you need to make sure that you allow the SmartServer IoT enough time to load the file and templates before loading in the next file.
      • You can import in one or more zip files in order to configure the SmartServer IoT.
  7. The SmartServer IoT Non-Cloning Backup and restore CMS features can only be used on the same SmartServer IoT or a replacement SmartServer IoT when the original SmartServer is no longer operational.
    • For device replacement, you can restore a SmartServer IoT on a replacement SmartServer IoT as long as the replaced SmartServer is physically uninstalled and never again used.
    • The SmartServer IoT Backup stores the SmartServer MAC IDs so you can't just restore the image on another SmartServer IoT.
      • No two devices on the  internet are allowed to have the same MAC IDs .
  8. For LNS Server only - How do you synchronize the SmartServer IoT to an LNS database?
    • SmartServer IoT uses a PC DOS based iNex export tool to export some or all of the LNS database to a SmartServer IoT .
      • There is no automatic synchronization in the SmartServer IoT, you must run the iNex after changes to the LNS database.
    • SmartServer IoT synchronization requires you to put a SmartServer IoT device on the Subsystem that you want to export.
      • The SmartServer IoT device needs to be added to the SmartServer IP-70 channel.
        • Each SmartServer IoT device has to have its own IP-70 channel.
      • Using the iNex export tool, device information for devices in this subsystem (and their child subsystems) are exported to the SmartSever IoT.
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