SmartServer IoT Health (KB1369)

You can check the SmartServer System Health by going to the CMS Web page Storage Widget or by issuing ssh/SmartServer console commands.

SmartServer IoT System Health:

    I. CPU, RAM, Flash drives

    II.SmartServer Services

Checking SmartServer IoT System Health:

I. Type "uptime" to see how long the SmartServer has been up and running

II. CPU, RAM and flash drives

    A. The CMS Web page Storage Widget shows CPU and internal and SD-card memory usage


     B. The following ssh/SmartServer console commands are used:

  1. Type "top" to see cpu and RAM usage.  For CPU look at the   idle time "id". The larger the idle time larger the number the better.
    a. If idle time is consistently below 20% you may want to see how to reduce datapoint polling, event driven updates and logging rates.  Even if the idle time is approximately zero this doesn't necessarily mean that the SmartServer isn't working but could indicate that certain actions are being backed up.
    b. If Java consistently exceeds 50% you should consider reducing datapoint polling, event driven updates and logging rates.
  2.  Type "df -h" to check the disk space usage

    If you see anything with Use % close to 100% then this would indicate that the flash drive may be fully used.


II. Type "sudo supervisorctl status" Check the SmartServer services


Not all services need to be running, some are only running when a feature is being used, or run during initialization.  The uptime indicates how long the service has been running. 

if you see lon:echlte or lon:echtx with a uptime less than the other running services then this indicates that that these services have restarted.

a. services that run during initialization but should be exited after initialization complete
     i. apollo-init
     ii. ready
b. services that should always be running after intialization
     i. echhousekeeper
     ii. echlim
     iii. echmodbus
    iv. lon:echlte  - may get restarted when making changes (like adding xif files)
    v. lon:echltx - may get restarted when making changes (like adding xif files)
    vi. services:*  (for example services:echalarm)
c. services that only run after you enable the feature
     i. echbacnet
     ii. echopcua-server

As new features are added to the SmartServer you may see additional services

lon:echlte and lon:echltx may get restarted when adding new XIF or resource files, or configuring the SmartServer. If the uptime for these services were restarted during a time when you made no configuration changes or added new device files then this may indicate that a problem occurred.



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