What is the IzoT CT Latest Software Version? (KB1374)

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The latest IzoT CT (IzoT Commissioning Tool previously called (OpenLNS CT) is 4.20.17.

This KB article provides the latest CT without Visio.  That is, you must install Visio prior to installing the CT software below.  Visio can be installed with your original CT with Visio purchase or you can buy Visio separately.

 The latest IzoT CT can be used on any PC that has OpenLNS CT or a prior version of IzoT CT.

You can determine the CT version by starting CT and in the CT Design Manager dialog (the first dialog you see after starting CT) click the CT icon in the top upper left-hand corner of the dialog and select "About Echelon IzoT CT...".

The CT version is at the top and IzoT Net Server version is shown in the Additional information section. Determine if you are using CT Professional or CT Standard.

Name Version Number Date
OpenLNS CT 4.0 4.00.92 January 2013
IzoT CT 4.1 4.12.16 March 2018
IzoT CT 4.2 U1 4.20.17 March 2019

Before upgrading CT:

  1. Read the CT Readme.
  2. Optionally Backup your CT networks - this isn't necessary but is good idea.
  3. Make sure Visio 2010 or Visio 2016 is already installed.


CT Readme documentation:

IzoT CT Professional w/o Visio:

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