Why Can't I access the SmartServer IoT CMS Web pages (KB1381)

1. Once your start or reboot the SmartServer it can take some time for the CMS to come up.  Even if you see the login prompt in the SmartServer IoT it can take up to another 4 minutes for the CMS to come up.

2. After a Re-image it can take up to 45 minutes before the CMS is fully loaded.

3. To see the CMS is up and running go to ssh or SmartServer console and type the following
        sudo systemctl status karaf

   - Press CTRL-C to cancel. 

   - If you see any error message or any indication that the karaf isn't running then restart the CMS

4. Look at the logs

     cd /home/apollo/

       where is the SmartServer version #

   For example, SmartServer 2.61.005

    cd /home/apollo/echelon-container-devel-2.61.005/data/log
    "tail -2000 karaf.log"  or "tail -f karaf.log"
    "tail -2000 wrapper.log"

5. Restart the CMS either by restarting Karaf, rebooting or power cycling the SmartServer

    a. Restarting Karaf, type the following in ssh or SmartServer console
        sudo systemctl restart karaf

    b. Reboot the SmartServer through System Configuration Web page or ssh command "sudo reboot"

6. When contacting it is helpful to have the karaf.log and wrapper.log files

     SFTP to 

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