How to change SmartSever IoT time, date and timezone? (KB1384)

The SmartServer IoT timezone is set when you set the SmartServer location (Latitude and Longitude) in the CMS Device Widget (SmartServer IoT device).  The Device Widget also lets you manually set the timezone.

There is no mechanism to set the time through the Web pages.  It can only be done by ssh/console commands. 

You can ssh or use SmartServer IoT console to set the current date and time, or timezone if the SmartServer isn't using a time server or if the SmartServer has no internet access.

To verify that the SmartServer's schedules are working as expected, you may want to temporarily disable  time server change the date and time to just before the event and then verify that the schedule value changes as expected. Remember to re-enable the time server after you are finished testing.

The SmartServer will automatically reboot if the time changes by more than 2 hours.


SSH or Console Commands:

Disabling Network Time Protocol (NTP):

If you try to change the time using the "timedatectl" command below and receive "Failed to set time: Automatic time synchronization is enabled" then you may need to disable the Network Time Protocol (NTP) before setting the time.

To disable NTP

sudo timedatectl set-ntp 0

To enable NTP 

sudo timedatectl set-ntp 1

Timezone Setting:

In order to set the timezones, do the command "sudo timedatectl set-timezone <X>", where <X> is the desired timezone. So to set it for Los Angeles, it would be

sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/Los_Angeles

Date/Time Setting:

A full list of time zones can be found at sudo timedatectl list-timezones

sudo timedatectl set-time 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS'


For example:

sudo timedatectl set-time '2019-05-01 14:20:30'

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