i.LON or SmartServer 2.2  is Constantly Rebooting (KB1390)

The i.LON or SmartServer may constantly reboot if the software gets corrupted or there is a problem FPM.

In most cases you can fix this issue by simply reformatting the SmartServer flash drive and reloading the image. 

The eventlog.txt file which is provided at the SmartServer root directory may indicate why the SmartServer is rebooting.  If you see excess telnet attempts this can mean some one is trying to hack the SmartServer.

First, backup your i.LON image (FTP).  Don't use FileZilla Auto or ASCII file transfer. FileZilla can corrupt the files you send to the SmartServer so we don't recommend using FileZilla for FTP transfer.

Instruction for Re-Formatting i.LON or SmartServer: 

  1. Connect the RS-232 null modem cable to the i.LON console
  2. Console: Stop the boot process with "!" when prompted
  3. Console: Type "format" to format the i.LON flash drive 
  4. FTP the factory/golden image to the i.LON root directory
  5. Console: Type "reboot" to reboot the i.LON  

       See the i.LON User's Guide for details.  Check if the i.LON starts to work.

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