IzoT CT Unable to exit design mode because control could not be created LmwActiveX1 Error Message (KB1391)

Error message




1. Close all IzoT CT drawings and CT.

2. Open Visio on its own and click the Blank Drawing and click the the Create button.
    a. Go to "File Menu > Options" and click Trust Center
    b. Click the "Trust Center Settings ..." button
    c. Click ActiveX Settings and make sure the ActiveX setting is
         "Prompt me before enabling Unsafe for initialization (UFI) ....."
    d. Click OK and then exit Visio

3. Search for all instances of lmwact32lib.exd
    a. Open a CMD prompt (Window key + R) and search for 
        cd \
        dir lmwact32lib.exd /s

   b. delete each instance

4. Open a new CMD prompt as administrator
    a. Go to your Start Menu and type "cmd", you should see a list, select "Run as Administrator"

5. Go to c:\Windows\SysWOW64 using the following command
    cd c:\Windows\SysWOW64

6. Type the following command and press enter.
    regsvr32 lmwact32.ocx

7. When complete you should see a pop-up windows stating
     DLLRegisterServer in Lmwact32.ocx succeeded

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