Can Ping SmartServer but Can't Access Configuration or CMS Web Pages (KB1393)

This issue usually means one of the following:

1. There is another device using the same IP address.

Disconnect the SmartServer Ethernet cable and try pinging the IP address again. If you get a ping response then that means there is another device using the same IP address. 

This can occur if the SmartServer is using DHCP but another device was configured to the same IP address with a Static IP address. 

2. It is possible that the SmartServer Security Web page certificate is missing.

If the SmartServer software is 2.61 or earlier then use the SmartServer console and USB flash drive to re-image the SmartServer to 2.70.015+.  

Otherwise check if the SmartServer certificates

To Check Web page Security Certificates:

a. Connect to SmartServer console (ssh may work)

b. Send the following command to see if the Configuration Server (nginx) is working properly

sudo /etc/init.d/nginx status

If you see an error message that means the nginx server is stopped, possibly due to missing certificates

c. Check to see if the all the certificates are available.  This directory is different for each SmartServer (based on the SmartServer install code) 

ls  /var/apollo/data/certs/smartserver-<SmartServe Install code>

for install code 17q3dsa

ls  /var/apollo/data/certs/


 if you see any of the server



Re-image SmartServer to at least software version 2.70.015.  This usually fixes the issue.

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