Updating or Re-imaging SmartServer IoT with 2.41 or 2.50 to Newer Software (KB1396)

We recommend re-imaging any SmartServer IoT having software version 2.41 and 2.51 to 2.70.015 or newer software.   That is, a GLPO update to a newer version will probably not work.

The re-image process for SmartServer 2.60 and later changed.  The main difference is the password credentials used for the re-image process.

Re-image Instructions (2.41 and 2.5 SmartServers):

1. Copy down the password from the back of the SmartServer
2. Download latest SmartServer IoT image 

3. Unzip and copy contents to USB Flash drive
4. Unplug all U60s from SmartServer
5. Plug in the USB Flash drive
6.You will need to connect to the SmartServer console port (115200 BAUD)
7 Issue the following command
    sudo /media/usb0/
8. Watch the console.  You will see a number of errors, ignore those.  Wait until  you see a login prompt (it may take 1-5 minutes). Sometimes the login prompt disappears. So if you see something like the picture below then press the enter key
9.  If you waited for 5 minutes press a carriage return.
10. If you see a login prompt then the login is username “root” and the password is “root”
   Once you typed in the root/root password do not press the enter again as you must wait for the new prompt asking for password.
11.  Wait for 1 minute or 2 and then it will prompt you for the password.  Use the one from the bottom of  the SmartServer or create a simpler one for you.  Take a picture of the password before hitting the enter key in case there is a typo.
12. Wait until CMS Web page comes up
13. Unplug the USB flash drive
14. Plug in any U60s. 

Note: there is no way that you can recover the password on 2.41 or 2.50 software.  Password recovery was added in 2.6.


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