Running LNS DDE Server as a Service (KB1407)

To run LNS DDE Server as a Service:

1. Make sure you have installed LNS DDE Server 2.1 SP1: Choose one

a. For Windows 10 the complete software package is included in LNS DDE Server 2.1 SR2 (read read me before installing)

b. For older Windows OS

LNS DDE Server 2.1 SP1
2. When running as a service, all DDE Clients, including those that run on the same computer as the service, must include the name of the computer as if the client was accessing the LNS DDE Server on another computer.  In most DDE Client applications, for example Microsoft Excel, this means prepending the computer name to the application name as in the example, =\MYCOMPUTER\LNSDDE|'MyNet.Subsystem 1.DevNV'!'MyDev.NV2'. Always specify the computer name when the LNS DDE Server is running as a service.
3. When running as a service you can’t use the LNS DDE UI.  In this case it is probably best to put the LNS DDE Server in the Starts Up folder so it start at power up.
4.NetDDE is not supported under 64-bit Windows OS.
5. For Windows Server 2008 64-bit you must use LNS Turbo SP7 (3.27) or later
6. If you are running 32-bit, the service might fail to start because of privileges issues. Please look into the Windows Event viewer and search for any events raised

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