HOWTO: Recover a Series 6000 chip

If it should become necessary to recover a Series 6000 chip, perform the following tasks:

1. Make sure the Service Pin button is not depressed.
2. Press and hold the device’s Reset button. If the device does not have a Reset button,
connect the RST~ pin (pin 28) of the Series 6000 chip to GND to hold the chip in the
reset state.
3. Press and hold the Service Pin button.
4. Release the device’s Reset button (or remove the GND connection from the Series
6000 chip’s RST~ pin).
5. Wait for at least 10 seconds.
6. Release the Service Pin button.
7. The device will become “applicationless”.

At this point, you can reload the device with whatever application is required (for example, a
Neuron C application or a ShortStack Micro Server).

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