IzoT CT or LonMaker - datapoint formats change unexpectedly between SI and US (KB1409)


The format for some datapoints shown in IzoT CT or LonMaker use region (timezone) to determine if a datapoint format will show up using SI or US format (for example, degrees F or degrees C).   You can also manually change them.


Some customers have reported that the regional format has changed from SI to US, or from US to SI unexpectedly.  We do not know why this sometimes happens.


To fix the issue you either have to manually change these datapoints one at a time or use the workaround below.  You should be careful when using the workaround below as you can drastically alter your network drawing if you make a mistake.


Changing multiple datapoint formats at one time: 

1. Make a backup of your LonMaker/CT network
2. Perform LonMaker/CT Export to XML on each network
3. Open each XML in Notepad++
4. Find Replace “#SI” with “#US”
5. Save the XML as the original file name “_US”
6. Open each LonMaker/CT network and choose XML Import
7. Wait patiently for import to complete    




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